Nutritional Counseling Services

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Below is a breakdown of our nutritionist Margaret Connor's offerings: 

Meet and Greet Get to know your practitioner: Visit briefly with Margaret about your needs and her style of patient care to see if it feels like a good fit for you.
15 min/Free    

Immune Support Session Feel less stressed about heading back to the office or school hallways in person. Let’s support you and your family with nutrition and lifestyle strategies specifically designed to strengthen your immune system. Our strategies will be customized to you and your health concerns. (15% off during the start of the school year)
1 hour/$150 + immune supplement bundle is available.

Food Sensitivity testing & strategy session Concerned you may have food sensitivities? Sensitivities can be linked to multiple chronic symptoms (weight retention and aching joints among many others). Our lab test offers the relief of clarifying which diet is optimal for you. We will review lab results together and then most importantly, find the best substitutions for the foods you need to eliminate (some only temporarily) so you can feel your very best with less inflammation and reduced chronic symptoms.
Lab test + 1 hour consultation/$350

Nutrition tune-up
If your practitioner has recommended you sit down with a nutritionist or if you’ve been meaning to make dietary changes for yourself or family, this is the perfect place to begin. All sessions are built around your specific health needs. Some of the most common requests during tune-ups are:

  • What changes should I make based on my diagnosis (for example, Hashimoto’s, PCOS, diabetes, high cholesterol)
  • Support on how to eat healthier and optimize your metabolism
  • How to get rid of sugar cravings and balance your blood sugar
  • Creating a supportive daily supplement regimen
  • Lifestyle and dietary strategies for better sleep and stress management
  • How to navigate a new diet: gluten free, FODMAPS, histamine and others
  • How to begin intermittent fasting
    1 hour with 2 half-hour follow-ups over 3 months/$280 

Long-term support to facilitate long-lasting change & optimal health

Give yourself all the support you need to ease into new dietary and lifestyle habits that enable you to feel your best. This is a comprehensive, holistic approach to your health addressing stress, sleep, exercise, work/life balance in addition to nutrition and supplements because there’s often more to your health than just diet. You’ll have a built-in accountability partner and guide every step of the way. 
5 visits over 3 months/$399  (1 hour strategy session + 4 half-hour follow-ups)

Feel free to email Margaret at or call 512-902-4362 for any questions.