Ride The Wave Program
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Ride The Wave Program

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Join us (Connie Ryan, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and founder of Central Family Practice & Margaret Connor, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Nutrition Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Coach) Thursdays at noon for our new Ride The Wave program! 

Who is the program for?

Everyone! It’s a program designed to help with the questions we get everyday in the office. If you’re struggling to add self care, exercise and healthy eating habits to your life or you’re "trying" to get your cholesterol and blood sugar under control and balance your hormones or even, hey, get a handle on stress and sleep so maybe you would want to have sex? Come join us!! We will be sharing everything we know in a structured, social and safe format. And we promise we will have some laughs...

What we will be learning: Connie and Margaret will be sharing what they’ve learned over the years about creating long-lasting habits, reframing perfectionism, building self-compassion and reclaiming joy - with a bit of nutrition and hormonal health coaching along the way. We will start by sharing the strategies we have for establishing new habits- and what better way to do it, than in a supportive community where we can cheer each other on, share ideas and help one another get back to it and try again…. No more feeling frustrated at yourself for a lack of willpower on stressful days, let’s get you up and running with structures (and friendly accountability) in place that’ll reinforce the habits you want to build. While we will share in the process of creating long-lasting habits, each member will be working on their own identified goals.

Format: This group is a weekly ongoing group for anyone who is looking for support to find the habits and lifestyle to help you achieve your short and long-term goals for health and balance in life. We will be incorporating the work of Atomic Habits, 10% Happier, Martha Beck, Brene Brown and Kristin Neff among others.

When:  Every Thursday at noon on Zoom (ending June 2nd)

Cost: Prepaid at the beginning of each month 

  • $100/ month if prepaid monthly 
  • $75/month prepaid for the entire 3-month course
  • Optional private goal-setting & accountability sessions/wellness check-ins with Margaret Connor $35 per 20 minute session. Click here!

Sessions will be structured as follows: 

  • Guided Meditation for 3 min.  
  • Presentation of 3 new ideas (geared toward habit formation in the first month) 
  • Discuss the handout from the week before as a group and reassess personal goals based on work over the previous week 
  • The group will last for 55 min, starting promptly at 12 
  • Private facebook forum will be available for attendees to communicate 
  • This is not a therapy group, it is a support and habit education group

Please note: invites will be sent out to anyone who has signed up on or before Wednesday for that week's program. Otherwise, you will receive an invite for the following week.