Building Up Bones, with Little Bashing

Connie's Corner

This is a great article about bone health. The 7 minute work out that I wrote about a few weeks ago, stairs, walking (even in the water) all work to stimulate our bones and prevent osteoporosis. If you are a young woman under 30, go for it now because you are still making bone.

If you are older, go for it now because you are either maintaining what you have or losing bone. The main reason a woman ends up in a nursing home is from breaking a bone due to osteoporosis.

Men are not immune to osteoporosis either so you guys get out there and walk too. If you have not had your vitamin D checked it is good to get that done at some point. Many people have low vitamin D and it is essential for many processes in the body but you cannot absorb calcium without it. – Connie

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