Our Coaches

Julie Lack

Julie Lack has always been passionate about helping others in a meaningful and impactful way. She stumbled into coaching Ideal Protein and has never looked back! She started her career as the esthetician at Central Family Practice and was approached by the owner, Connie Ryan, WHNP, to help launch Ideal Protein and coach our first clients in 2013. Julie immediately knew the program was solid, strong, and doable for anyone with the motivation, and her excitement is still going strong.

Julie refers to herself as the “emotional coach” while still able to talk about the facts and science of Ideal Protein (so be ready for hugs and the occasional empathy tears). She believes that with supportive coaching and Ideal Protein’s rock solid protocols, everyone can succeed.

When not coaching dieters, Julie is still offering skin care services at CFP, obsessing over her dog, splashing around in a pool or sitting in a backyard with friends and family.


Geri Hawkins

Geri brings more than 10 years of experience in weight loss coaching which is incredibly valuable and beneficial to any client who works with her. Geri joined Central Family Practice as an Ideal Protein coach in 2013, with a desire to combine her interest in the science of weight loss with the Ideal Protein program. She enjoys helping people achieve a manageable, healthy weight and says that watching the pounds come off is as fun for her as it is for her clients. Geri’s motto for coaching and life is, “Let’s have some fun with this”. Clients say Geri is encouraging, non- judgmental, supportive and always respectful of how hard this journey can be. Geri has helped many of her clients who wanted to lose more than 100 pounds reach their goal.

Geri’s hobbies are travel, reading and interior design. She has a BS from Western Kentucky University.


Sally Whitehouse

Sally loves connecting with people and empowering them with the knowledge to make positive changes in their eating choices and living habits. She personally has done the Ideal Protein weight loss program and was able to transition into the Ideal Protein lifestyle for maintenance. Sally not only reached her weight loss goal, she also feels much better and has seen improvements in her overall health. Sally’s own journey with Ideal Protein makes it easy for her to be an enthusiastic and reinforcing partner with her clients.

Sally’s previous experience as a special education teacher and a retail store owner has taught her the importance of listening, being patient, and really caring for those she serves. Her interest in health, particularly from a prevention standpoint and looking at the body as a whole, makes her a perfect fit with the integrative health philosophy at Central Family Practice.

Sally’s favorite pastimes include spending time with family and friends, dancing, and cultivating her green thumb.