CFP Clinic Staff

Linda Miller, RN

Office Manager/RN

Linda started out as a midwife, then worked as a Registered Nurse in various settings.

Linda gravitated to CFP having known Connie Ryan from midwifery and because she wanted to work in a less rigid, more alternative medical environment. Linda loves working with the people at CFP the most—the staff and all who walk through its doors.



Susan Meazell, RN
Triage Nurse and Case Manager

Susan was born and raised as an Air Force brat, living in many different places throughout Germany and the USA. She spent her early adult years dabbling in theater, radio, and waitressing before revisiting her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Susan became a Registered nurse in 1982. She has spent most of her career in women’s health.

Both of her children are musicians. She and her husband are big supporters of the Austin music scene and get out to enjoy shows often. Between that, spending time with friends and family (including two grandbabies), swimming, cooking and traveling to the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida and Hawaii as often as possible, there is rarely a dull moment at the Meazell household.

Susan feels incredibly lucky to have found a home at Central Family Practice. She loves getting to know all of our wonderful patients and helping them in any way she can.


Beau Dauphin
Administrative Assistant 

Beau enjoys being in the center of cyclones, making him a perfect fit to be at the helm of our front office. Besides taking care of our patient’s needs at the desk and on the phone, he runs our online herb store, hammers things together for us, and makes sure things just run smoothly overall. Beau has an Associate Degree in commercial music management. He loves to tell us stories about his young daughter, with whom he is very close. His other interests include the Austin music scene and riding his bicycle.



Jean Ryan

Connie’s mother, Jean, is an inspiration to us all. Having retired from running her own clothing store for more than 25 years in Michigan, she now works with us in the afternoons taking care of so many of the little details of front office work that need to be handled daily, as well as dispensing much wisdom from her years of business and overall LIFE experience. Her presence is a constant reminder to the rest of us that aging can happen gracefully and with a fully engaged mind, body and soul. Her hobbies include reading, helping care for her great grandbabies and Buster the office dog, cooking and sitting on the porch in the evening having a scotch and water. The most remarkable quality Jean has is her ability to always see the beauty in a gorgeous day, the hope in a seemingly hopeless situation and never missing the opportunity to kiss a baby’s head.


Buster Ryan
Licensed Dog

Buster has been practicing Puppy Medicine at CFP since early 2009. Prior to that, Buster doesn’t remember much. He knows that he is incredibly happy with his mom, Connie, and his CFP family. Buster specializes in squeak toy surgery and chew therapy.