The Public Health Crisis Hiding in Our Food

Yikes!  Another reason to eat local and cut out processed foods.  We knew that bag of cheetos is a sodium bomb but our blueberry muffin?!  A blueberry muffin can have more than double the amount of salt as a serving of chips.  — Connie

A blueberry muffin can have more than double the salt of a serving of potato chips. Even healthy-sounding food can pack heavy sodium loads. Two slices of whole wheat bread can have nearly 400 milligrams of sodium, as can two tablespoons of fat-free salad dressing. Eight ounces of V8 vegetable juice contains well over 500 milligrams. Many restaurant entrees have far more sodium than is recommended for an entire day. Applebee’s lemon shrimp fettuccine, at 5,100 milligrams, has more than twice as much.


Doctors warn people with high blood pressure to go on a low-salt diet, but that’s virtually impossible in today’s world, because nearly 80 percent of the sodium that Americans eat comes in packaged and restaurant food (whether it’s a bagel, a sandwich or a steak dinner). You can’t take it out. And nearly everyone, not just people with hypertension puzzling over food labels, should be taking in less sodium. The only way to prevent millions of Americans from developing high blood pressure is for companies and restaurants to stop loading up their food with sodium.

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