A Threat to Male Fertility

Phthalates are chemicals that we have unrelenting exposure to in our environment.  They unfortunately act like hormones in our bodies and interfere with our own hormonal balance which can influence human fertility.  Decreasing our exposure to them is important especially in our children.  Decreasing exposure can result in measurably lower levels in our body within days.

There are some simple measures to decrease exposure.  Read labels on all cosmetics and personal care products, soaps, creams,  and only buy phthalate free products.  Also, you want to be aware of packaging, textiles, detergents  and most importantly do not heat plastic of any kind in the microwave or drink out of bottles that are not phthalate free.  If you eat microwave meals put them in a glass container and do not cover them with plastic wrap when you are cooking them.

Another reason to buy local and fresh in glass containers!  Click here to read the full article at the New York Times.

— Connie

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